Our Team

Kelly Ruff Eichorn

Founder / Designer / Developer

Kelly is passionate about helping people connect with technology, making them feel comfortable and confident so they can take over a project after she has finished helping them.

Kelly will guide you through the process of design and development, whether it be for a personal or small business website or a business or organizational media need.

Natalie Eichorn

Freelance Designer / Developer

Natalie attends Auburn University where she is studying Software Engineering.  She discovered her passion for front-end web development and enjoys working directly with customers to understand and implement their technical needs.

Natalie is an Auburn Cupola Engineering Ambassador.  She also works on the Auburn Engineering Website Team. 

Elaina Eichorn

Photographer / Media Specialist

Elaina is an experienced photographer and media specialist.  She started her own photography business in Austin, TX in 2015, photographing senior portraits, business head shots, dance and athletic events, and weddings.

Elaina continues her business while attending Auburn University where she is also a member of the Auburn Athletics photography staff.


I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly Eichorn a few years ago, when she was Webmaster for our drill team Booster Club, and her job was to train me to take over for the next year. Not only was Kelly an amazing and patient teacher, she had an incredible knack for web design and “figuring things out.” She was able to take the website to the next level by discovering and adding new features, and also she had a brilliant mind in creating content. In addition, she created ads for the show’s program and designed countless other items for our Booster Program, among other projects. I highly recommend Kelly as she is absolutely fabulous to work with!

Laurie Zaza

Past Webmaster, Legacies Dance Team Booster Club

Having followed Kelly Eichorn’s presidency for National Charity League, Capital of Texas Chapter, I can safely say that she is one of the most detail-oriented and organized people I have ever known.  Not only does she possess the ability to manage multiple-layered tasks, but she fully understands each component well enough to explain them to a layman.  Kelly is consistently pleasant and easy-going, not allowing the challenges of working with difficult personalities to affect her.  Her good judgement and thoughtful way of approaching a problem have influenced my thought process, drastically affecting my own success rate.  Not only would I highly recommend Kelly, I would follow her anywhere.

Nancy Jones

Writing Specialist / Author / Past President, NCL, Inc., Capital of Texas Chapter

As the previous CEO of an international company and in working with many clients on how their websites support businesses objectives, I have had exposure to a wide range of web design services, big and small. I can say without hesitation that Blue Acorn Media is a first rate web design firm.

I recently completed a brand and design refresh for my leadership coaching company. Although I had built an elite clientele via referrals over the last 10 years, i3 Coaching’s online presence had not kept up with the times with relevant and modern web presence. Kelly Eichorn led that transformation with efficiency and expertise.

Kelly Eichorn instills confidence through clear communication. In the face of an aggressive deadline that I imposed for the unveiling at an important client prospect meeting, Kelly created a two-tier scheduling approach. Together we decided on a realistic first deliverable that would serve the needs of my deadline for the target audience. I had a clear understanding of the scope of the project for two phases. I also had a clear understanding of my commitments for content creation and iterative feedback required to meet the first tight deadline. There were no late nights or last minute crunches. From the very first day of working with Kelly, I had complete confidence that together we were on track.

What most differentiates working with Blue Acorn Media from other services is the collaboration that Kelly integrates into her workflow. The manner in which she facilitated my design input and the number of checkpoints she planned made me feel as if I had ownership of the outcome. The new and improved website felt like “my baby!” Kelly reads her clients with intuitive accuracy. She adapts her approach to their bandwidth and desire for involvement. If your preference instead is that your team make a content handoff, with an interim checkpoint, and receive the final website deliverable, then Kelly will make that happen with ease.

Shelly Orr Priebe

Founder and CEO, i3 Coaching